How it started

Kriter was found in an old port of Newport and was still sturdy and solid. This is where her new journey started. Pictures speak louder than words. Thousands pictures are documenting every step of her refit. She received a new hull skin over 90% of her consisting of 3 layers (equivalent and greater than her original 6 layers) of the finest Sapele Mahogany and epoxy. She was finished with a layer of Kevlar for impact resistance and faired after each layer of wood and her final impact skins. Many of her original stringers were replaced, but nearly all of her beautifully laminated (resourcinal) frames were tested and found to be as good as new. In addition, most of her furniture below needed simply a good cleaning and revarnishing. A crew including two of the original carpenters who built her in 1973 did much of the woodwork.